Third year Product Design students proudly present an exciting overview of experiments with flexible Furniture linoleum, a Forbo material in development.

Forbo is the global leader in the market for linoleum, a natural material made from linseed oil, pine resin, wood flour and limestone, as well as jute and pigments. We are most familiar with it as a flooring material in public spaces, due to its durability. The flexible furniture linoleum offers a thinner and more flexible version as opposed to the regular linoleum flooring, and is intended to be used within the context of furniture and interior.

Prior to the Dutch Design Week, the students have had 6 weeks to explore and experiment with the Flexible Furniture linoleum. The result is an archive of material experiments, showcasing the material’s wide range of possibilities, such as flexibility, texture and movement. The third year Product Design students are embracing their differences in style and ways of working. The exhibition uses this strength to showcase the endless possibilities and applications of Forbo’s Flexible Furniture Linoleum.

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